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Srta. Mandy Harper

936-273-4837 or 832-482-6214

Schedule for 2013-2014:
Red Day:                         Green Day:
1st: Conference                  5th:Conference
2nd: Spanish I                   6th: Spanish II GO
3rd: Spanish I                      7th: Spanish I
4th: Spanish II GO                 8th: Spanish I

Studying a foreign language: powerpoint explaining how: please click here

Students, do you want to receive text message reminders about the class from Miss Harper?  
You can now do that by sending a text message to (678-374-9926) with the following message: Spanish 1 (red days): @misshar ;  Spanish 2 (red days): @spii  ;  Spanish 1 (green days): @62ea6  ;  Spanish 2 (green days): @c0f27 
        This is an easy way to receive reminders and information!  Please do not sign up for these text message reminders without permission from your parents and/ or if you do not have unlimited texting.  Parents are also welcome to sign up for reminders.  The site never shares your phone number with me- I simply type the message via my computer, and the site sends a text to those who asked to receive messages.

For kids who wish to go to Spanish 3 but feel they are not as ready as they could be, please click here for some practice and review material.

Please explore this site to see how to use it as a resource.  Some of the information below includes:
*a basic explanation of the classes
*a break down of grades and percentages
*keys to success
*a list of required materials
*tutoring opportunities
*the foreign language re-test procedure
*some extra practice and can be found under the links to the left.

Grading Policy: Tests = 55%     Quizzes = 25%    Homework/ Daily = 20 %

Required Materials:
*pens or pencils
*notecards (optional)
*2 spiral notebooks (70-100 count)
*a dry-erase marker would be nice
*Spanish- English Dictionary (completely optional- not at all required)

-The school provides FREE tutoring at the senior campus from 5:30 to 7:30 on Monday evenings (room 201).  Come prepared with specific questions and/or an assignment on which you need help.  It is not a social gathering, and students will have the opportunity to study, do homework, and ask questions with a Spanish teacher from our school.  Although the teacher will be available to answer questions, this is not the same as private tutoring because there is not time for the teacher to give extensive one on one help.

Foreign Language Re-testing Procedure:
All students will have the opportunity to re-take one chapter or unit test each nine weeks with the following conditions:

1. The student must received a score lower than 75.  The highest possible score for any re-take is a 75.

2. Prior to taking the re-take, the student must complete a packet (they may ask Mrs. Harper for this) and attend tutoring to review that packet.

3. The student must make arrangements with their teacher to schedule a re-take, and the teacher will determine when a re-take will be made available.  For my class the retake must be done during the eighth week of the nine weeks.

Description of the classes:

*Spanish 2 GO is an 18 week course that covers chapters 1A through 6B (skipping chapter 3B) of The Realidades Level 2 book provided by the district.  We will learn vocabulary with each chapter and a few grammar points.  With each chapter all Spanish 2 teachers will give the same quiz and test on the same date.  Other assessments in class will vary according to the teacher, and they might include: a second chapter quiz, pop quizzes, daily grade projects, speaking assignments, games, and other activities.  Students will be expected to read, write, and communicate orally in the target language.  This course is required for graduation.  Many colleges are beginning to require 3 consecutive levels of a foreign language.

*Spanish 1 is an 18 week honors course that covers chapters 1 through 5 of the Realidades Level 1 book provided by the district.  Each chapter includes 2-3 grammar points and a list of vocabulary words.  Our shorter lists are about 35-40 words, but some chapters have lists of up to 50 words.  Students are taught the basic sentence structure and get a good foundation in the present tense of the Spanish language.  Students are expected to read, write, and communicate orally in the target language.  The Spanish one team of teachers meets to discuss the best methods for teaching each lesson, the common test that is given, and any common quizzes that are given.  This course is required for graduation, and many colleges are beginning to require 3 consecutive levels of a foreign language.

Tips for Success in my class:
*RESPECT EVERYONE- That is the most important rule in my class
*Ask questions until you understand
*Be on time and ready to learn every day
*Be prepared for class- always have your materials
*Study, study, study- Spanish classes cover a lot of material in a short amount of time
*Be positive!!!!!!

Stem-changing verbs game: click here


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